Muskegon River Guide Seasons

Calendar: Pere Marquette River(P.M.) • Muskegon River • Manistee River

It’s quiet time on the river for winter Steelhead. You will have the river to yourself fishing the fall run Steelhead that spend the winter awaiting the spring spawning run, also during this time we catch a fair number of Lake run Browns that can tip the scales at 16 pounds, plus native rainbows and browns up to 20″. For your comfort our boats carry heaters and we have enclosures for foul weather days.

March-April Michigan River FishingIs the spring Steelhead spawning run with large silver bullets exposing themselves for some exciting sight fishing on gravel or fishing darker pools and runs for fish awaiting to spawn and that are very eager to take your offerings. The spawned out fish or “drop backs” are active feeders attacking most presentations. The Muskegon river peaks mid April with good fish-able numbers into May.

May-June Lake Michigan Salmon FishingYour choice to fish Lake Michigan for Chinook & Coho Salmon, Brown & Lake Trout and the awesome offshore Steelhead catching 6 to 20 lb fish with multiple hookups or fish the Muskegon river and Pere Marquette river for the end of the Steelhead run and the start of the big river Brown Trout rising to flies & gorging on Salmon fry. It’s a great time to fool one of these beautiful Trout with your offerings. Fly hatches peak mid May through June.

July, Aug, Sept:
Lake Michigan Salmon & Trout FishingSummer fun on Lake Michigan chasing the large schools of Salmon making their way to our harbor to stage for the annual Salmon run up the Muskegon river, not only is Muskegon one of the best fishing ports on Lake Michigan we have Muskegon Lake and channel for foul weather days. Muskegon is the largest navigable protected harbor in the state. Aug and Sept the four year old Salmon will stage in our harbor before ascending up the river, making this an exciting time of year fishing these giants up close and personal. The Salmon reach 30 lbs and average 12 to 18 lbs hitting plugs and lures like a Mack truck.

Nov-Dec: Steelhead Fishing at its best!The annual Salmon spawning run is going strong with thousands of Chinook Salmon migrating up our rivers. Fish up to 30 lbs on light line is something to experience. The Muskegon river peaks mid Oct with fish present until Nov. Also the fall Steelhead are following the Salmon and by mid Oct reach fishable numbers making this a great time of year to fish.

Nov-Dec: Steelhead Fishing at its best!Steelhead at its best! 4′ to 6′ jumps- explosive runs are trademarks for fall Steelhead. 7 wt light line rods make these aggressive hitters an awesome experience. I personally love the fall Steelhead fishing watching these fish chase down an egg fly and attack your presentation.